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"New York auteur assembles an odd-ball crew of
dreamers and wanna-bes for JERSEY'S REVENGE, the
next sequel in his low-budget horror franchise. High
hopes for a breakout hit are devastated by blown stunts,
incompetent special effects, and bad acting."

B-Movie Blues is the story of an aspiring filmmaker
working on a low-budget horror movie in New York.
Based on my experiences as Script Supervisor for Lloyd
Kaufman and Michael Herz during three Troma Films,
including two TOXIC AVENGER sequels.
From the post-Woodstock hippie culture of
late-seventies northern California, to
panhandling on the crack-infested streets of
New York in the nineteen-eighties, on the
road across the American South and down
Mexico way while dodging outlaws and
police, these are the picaresque tales of a
modern-day Dean Moriarity on an American
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